I'm increasingly finding value in exploring science fiction as a method of exploring alternative images of the future.

As a part of my research, what I do find fascinating is that there are far more dystopian science fiction films out there than you will find utopian-theme titles.

Somehow bad news seems to sell better at the box office (a fact that news agencies also know all too well), but right now on Netflix there is a science fiction movie called The Discovery - that if you close one eye and keep an open mind could be considered a dystopian / utopian science fiction hybrid.

The Discovery explores serious themes like suicide as well as romance, regret, existence, and even the multiverse and stars Rooney Mara, Jason Segel and Robert Redford.

Overall though the film is about 'overwhelming proof' that an afterlife exists and as a result of people knowing this, actively choosing to then commit suicide in order to experience this phenomena for themselves.

If you're looking for something cerebral, enjoy science fiction or want to be intellectually harassed by your choice of entertainment - then this is the movie for you.