The Courier Guy chases the sunset

Chasing the Sun 2 is South Africa's version of the Super Bowl.

Exploiting the opportunity that the latest Chasing the Sun series is offering, The Courier Guy is taking full advantage.

If you are hazy on the reference here, Chasing the Sun is a tear-inducing documentary series about the Springbok rugby team and their uncanny ability to win World Cup trophies for South Africa.

South Africans love to win stuff - so this series is literally compelling viewing for the entire country. It has heart, blood, sad stories and triumph all neatly-rolled into a TV show that would be difficult to make up.

Local brands really should be fighting over each other to be a part of this story. Either they're not (somehow) seeing it, or SA Rugby is doing a poor job of selling it; we suspect that the issue is the former. So let us leave no doubt, right now - there is no better platform.

The Courier Guy gets it - as does DSTV.

Too good.