Take a little time for nothing

If your life is too busy with busy-ness - even a booming storm may just pass you by without you noticing it.

Kyna Leski - a professor of architecture -  defines creativity as; “…a storm that slowly begins to gather and take form until it overtakes you—if you are willing to let it.”

Creativity is the chaotic process of birthing something brand new, something original that did not exist before you conceived of it.

Many artists, writers, musicians talk about creativity happening whilst in a state of flow - a state where the ego falls away, thinking disappears, effort subsides and a fresh energy literally bubbles up from inside of you.

Getting into a state of flow, welcoming in the gathering storm clouds however takes time and dedicated practice - it's a muscle that needs to be flexed regularly.

The practice of creativity also requires time for 'nothing'. Nothing being non-busyness - a blank space in your diary, time for non-thinking.

If your life is too busy with busy-ness and an intense focus on action - even a booming storm may just pass you by without you noticing it.

Both Steve Jobs and Einstein were famous for scheduling time for 'nothing-ness'.

Book your appointment with nothing right now - just schedule it into your diary.

Give yourself permission to calm your mind enough for it to think for itself.


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