Sunshine beer

How beer is promoted is changing.

Beer is one of those products that tends to come with a standard stereotypical brand theme.

Bros, with impossibly white smiles, fist-pumping each other while watching 'the game' is kinda a standard cut-and-paste creative go-to.

The way people drink has changed a lot in the last couple of years.

Younger consumers don't drink alcohol to get as pissed as they used to. Drinkers are opting to try low-alcohol or no -alcohol alternatives.

How beer is promoted is also changing.

Corona recently debuted Corona Sunbrew 0.0% with this ad:

It feels impossibly innocent - almost as if a group of nuns (who have never seen a beer commercial before) came up with the concept.

Baby turtles, normal looking women in modest one-piece swimsuits, a dreamy soundtrack that's not going to offend anyone and a beer that has no alcohol and is actually fortified with Vitamin D. It's almost as if the stuff is actually good for you.

If we're honest it feels a little boring. As if somebody was trying to sell vegan-beer or something equally sterile.

But clearly there is demand for the stuff - squeaky clean and all.