Spotting a 'chink in the armour'

How an ever-so-slight weakness in your opponent can be your greatest opportunity.

Beating the competition doesn't always come as a result of some grand plan. Sometimes all that's needed to tip the scales in your favour is the spotting of a 'chink in the armour' of your opponent.

France's Thomas Ramos is a great goal kicker, but he does have a bit of a long-winded approach ritual when placekicking.

For a team with lightening fast players - this is a chink in the armour that can be exploited.

This is what happened during the Rugby World Cup quarter final clash between the Springboks and France, when Cheslin Kolbe charged down Ramos' conversion.

The charge down denied France 2-points (SA ended up winning the game by 1 point), but also seeded just enough of a dent in the confidence of France to make them begin to doubt themselves.

Find enough chinks in the armour of your opponent and even the most powerful competition can start to lose ground against your relentless advance.