Something to think about as we head into 2022

2022 is 'when everything will go back to normal again'.

Remember back in early 2019 when governments were shutting down countries, grounding airlines and telling everyone to stay at home?

Yes of course you do. Who doesn't?

Back then there were a lot of articles that were written about what the world might look like when 'everything goes back to normal again'.

Well, by all accounts - 2022 is 'when everything will go back to normal again'. It's what we've all been holding our collective breath for. Finally!

It is then with much optimism that we can now start to get excited about 2022 and the many new opportunities that it presents.

Which then begs the question: "What's next?"

What are you looking forward to?

What plans do you have for 2022?

Some people think about the time ahead casually; others formally discuss the matter in a boardroom - with flip charts and Post-It notes.

(We personally have a big A2 note pad and fill it with colourful Post-Its)

Whatever your style, it is certainly worth at least taking just a bit of time out, to write something meaningful in your journal about what you wish to explore in 2022.

You have a brand new year on Earth before you - what are you hoping to do with it?

It may be a part of your 5-year plan or just something you've always been curious about, but having a goal, or an ideal in your mind, for the year ahead is a powerful mental motivator, which can really help to get you excited about the near future.