Social media not working for you?

It's painful for us to watch too.

Just because your brand uses TikTok or Instagram or whatever digital channel your agency told you to be on - doesn't mean that you'll automatically score some amazing ROI on your marketing spend.

Most brands that spend a ton of money on programmatic and social media marketing completely suck at producing content which is engaging.

The reason is the absence of a proper content strategy.

These marketers wrongly assume that quantity will produce some kind of result and totally screw up the opportunity to produce anything that engages with their audience.

If you are a national brand posting videos on YouTube that get just a handful of views per episode - admit it - you suck at content creation and should immediately stop wasting money.

Step away from the idea until you can put together a proper strategy that delivers a better result.

What's the point of continuing to try something that isn't working just because you feel that it gives you some kind of magical relevance because of your effort?

If your Instagram engagement is poor - STOP doing it and rethink your strategy entirely.

If you are a listed company and some of your YouTube videos have less than 500 views - hang your head in shame, stop wasting everyone's time and rethink your strategy entirely. The amount of money you are spending on creating nonsense should be viewed as a crime.

The right mindset is NOT being on social media - it's WINNING at social media.

If you are not completely WINNING with your content, your message, your stories - then for crying out loud try something else. Don't carry on thinking that something supernatural will happen to turn it all around.

Focus on telling better stories, entertaining your audience - saying something useful. Develop a personality first and then try again.