So slow they wouldn't be able to sidestep a roller

Agility is all the buzz at the moment, so why then do big companies seem to be getting even slower in their response to change?

Believe it or not - there are listed companies in South Africa that regard loadshedding as a black swan.

Restricted supply of electricity has been an issue since 2007.

Because of the high impact nature of power disruption on the economy, you would probably assume that most companies that are run by highly-skilled management teams would have explored all potential implications of this issue as a part of their planning programs.

Multiple future scenarios would have been created over the years, including images of complete and miraculous resolution on the one side, and total grid collapse on the other.


But no - in 2023 there are still big companies blaming the 'surprise' of increasingly worsening incidences of load shedding as a reason for their poor results.

Shareholders of these companies really should be asking some hard questions of management's seeming inability to take advantage of even basic levels of strategic foresight.

Nobody expects you to be the next Royal Dutch Shell, but for goodness sake just make use of some kind of scenario planning in the organisation and prepare for what to everyone else is inevitable.

Using load shedding as an excuse just proves your lack of a basic understanding your operating context.

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