Sainsbury's Christmas 2023 ft Rick Astley

The 80s music icon is back.

Seriously...Rick Astley is the star that was hired by Sainsbury's to promote their much-anticipated Christmas dinner fare?

I mean we're not too sure about Mr Astley promoting a supermarket brand; but by the looks of his perfectly-chiselled jawline and remarkably wrinkle-less appearance (for somebody who's so, so old) this man should the the spokesperson for Oil of Olay...or something of equal rejuvenation-stature.

Apart from the dazzling acting performance from Mr Astley the rest of the ad is reasonably entertaining. Again though, 80s music makes yet another return to this year's collection of Christmas ads.


Maybe things are so bad now that we are literally yearning for some of that hedonistic 80s cheese to lighten the mood just a bit.

Or maybe - as is sometimes the case - lots of retail CMOs read the same Deloitte report back in March stating that nostalgia was making a strong comeback and now nostalgia is all we're getting from everyone.

All the same, Rick is here and so is Christmas.