Puma teams up with Nando's for Heritage Day

PUMA x Nando’s RS-Xtra Hot is a spicy sneaker collaboration for South African enthusiasts.

It doesn't get cooler than a design collaboration between German mega-brand Puma and South African iconic brand Nando's.

Taking advantage of Heritage Day 2023 Puma and Nando's have joined forces to create the RS-Extra.

The sneakers are a subtle nod to the heritage of both brands.

There are sadly very few brands, like Nando's, that are able to capture the spirit of South African creativity. So as a collaboration partner for Heritage Day 2023, the Nando's executives must have been spoilt for choice.

September (as we have already announced here on the site) is the official time where South African brands should be partnering up to flex their innovation muscles by taking advantage of the growing trend of collaborations.

Let's hope that this year's 'trickle' of examples transforms into more of a stream this time next year.


PUMA x Nando’s Collaboration Brings Xtra Hot Release - Sneaker Fortress
Steeped in local and international history, the PUMA x Nando’s RS-Xtra Hot sneaker is the product of an unique collaboration.
PUMA X Nando’s RS-Xtra Hot Sneaker Collab
Iconic local brand Nandos and PUMA will be dropping an exciting collab come Heritage Day, the PUMA x Nando’s RS-Xtra Hot.