Poppi has a Super Bowl ad?

This year, a 4-year old mom-and-pop brand is making its Superbowl debut. Is this how you build a startup?

You know a small start-up is serious about the future of their brand when they buy a 60-second ($14 million in ad spend) Super Bowl ad.

No matter what that Seth Godin guy says - Super Bowl ads are impactful and worth every cent of whatever they cost; 'cause unlike social media - ad slots during the Superbowl are limited, which means the ads that are flighted... carry weight.

It's amazing the kind of sharp, focused creative thinking you can generate when you know that every second of your ad is costing nearly $250 000 to flight.

We've written about the Poppi strategy before - the small, alternative soda brand with big ambitions for the future, but the fact that they have chosen to be a part of the Super Bowl ad lineup should tell you a lot of where the mindset of marketers is heading.

It's becoming increasingly clearer that short-term promotional marketing (i.e. digital) is not the be-all-and-end-all of effectiveness, efficiency and engagement. There is certainly a place for promotional marketing, but for a decade now marketers have shifted their entire focus to a domain that is just not producing the long-term results that were once promised by the snake oil salesmen social media converts.

Video is powerful, TV still has huge impact, the Super Bowl is where you want to be if reach is important (which it really should be). Go Chiefs!


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