People are gagging to touch each other

It's a good time to be in advertising right now.

There is simply no better time to be in advertising than right now.

It's a good time to be in advertising because after more than a year of social distancing, working from home, self-isolating and all the other stay-away-from-others crap that the world has had to endure because of this f*cking virus - people are gagging to touch each other again and brands are expected to reintroduce us to what that looks like.

There's no need for fancy scripts or over-the-top special FX - just show scenes of people touching each other and end it with a gratuitous packshot of your product.


A recent poll uncovered that '75% of Americans miss seeing friends and family, and 67% miss in-person celebrations, such as graduations or birthdays. Of those polled, another 50% of people missed hugging friends and family, 50% miss having in-person conversations, and 42% feel a lack of connection with others.' - via

Wrigley's did it back in April:

Hell, Diesel shot their togetherness load way back in February:

Heineken's timing is a bit better with this one:

Christmas 2021 has just one theme - people, together and touching each other.