One job

Everything else is as a consequence of getting this right.

Every single business that exists only has one job to accomplish.

Just one.

That one job is incredibly simple.

That job is to get and keep a good customer.

That's it!

To accomplish this job successfully there are only two business disciplines that can deliver on this outcome - marketing and innovation.

Marketing being everything that a company does, but from the customer's perspective; and innovation, being the ongoing process of developing and introducing new commercial value into the relationship that you have with the customer.  

Everything else is as a consequence of getting this right.

Growth, profitability, retaining talent, sales etc ...everything; falls into place when a business has a strong brand that keeps the cost of acquiring a new customer low, and the retention rate of keeping good, enthusiastic, free-spending customers high.

If the metrics on your customer-centricity dashboard are not lighting up the room, you have just 'one job' to focus on getting right.

If you're trying to build a sustainable business that's fit for the future, the 'one job' is exactly where to direct your efforts.

Without a strong, healthy relationship with the right clients, a business is nothing.