Notable Marketing

Which political parties outperformed?

Let's look at some notable (pun intended - see below) political marketing.

Disclaimer before we start: No political parties were hurt (or healed or supported) in the making of this post.

Alrighty then, now that the SA Election 2024 voting fun and games are over - and (at the time of writing this) before the horse-trading fun and games start, let's have a brief look at how one very small part of this election process played out.

Political Outperformance

We're the Outperformance people (so to speak), so Outperformance interests us.

One of the political parties that did much better than expected in this election (and there were really only two contenders in that category) is Gayton McKenzie's Patriotic Alliance.


When the value of property is calculated, there are only three factors to take into account: Location, Location and Location. Doing well in elections, similarly, require only three types of actions: Marketing, Marketing and Marketing (in the broad sense of the word).

For the other 'did-much-better-than-expected' participant, the M.K. party, one can probably safely conclude that all three of these marketing actions rested heavily on the charismatic shoulders (whether you agree with that adjective, or not) of a certain Mr. JZ.

And the PA?

We don't know what influence this song had (and we suspect it may even have been significant). But, as these types of music (and marketing) go, this was not a bad effort at all. A damn good effort, in fact. Superb even.

Okay, yes, we lied about the fact that only Marketing, Marketing and Marketing count in politics. Let's face it, ethnicity may still matter a helluva lot too (to many people) in our good old R.S.A. (And is this the case around the world too?). But we'll leave that analysis to the experts - not just to other political participants.