MRP teams up with Coca Cola

It's not too often that you see South African brands getting this kind of thinking right.

Collaborations give brands permission to step outside of the agreed guardrails of their usual creative recipes, to play around with something different.

It gives them a fresh canvas on which to tell a slightly different story; kinda like a 'imagine if...' experiment.

Here MRP have teamed up with Coca Cola in one such collaboration experiment and produced a new range of Coca Cola gear that looks great, is a perfect brand fit for both and gives the MRP customer a hellava good reason to shop the new range as we head straight into summer.

Of course there is a TikTok / Insta competition element that goes with it, giving away fashion vouchers in exchange for # support.

And the mini-site for the promo has also been given some love and creative consideration - looks very good.

Collaborations can easily be overly influenced by corporate politics that results in a half-baked campaign that, at best, does nothing for either brand.

The best ones are led by a strong strategic intent to augment the customer's experience of the brand and offer a fresh perspective, which ultimately leaves both brands stronger and of more value in the minds of people.

The trick to getting it right is finding a balance between the collaboration being a nice, obvious fit between the parties, while at the same time it creates something brand new that is exciting and unexpected.

It's not too often that you see South African brands getting this kind of thinking right (our big corporate companies tend to be led - or heavily influenced - by people who know- and care very little about the value of building a compelling brand), but this one is a keeper.