Meditation led by a Disney Princess

A collaboration between Disney and a mental wellness app may offer relief for children struggling with anxiety and stress.

As powerful as mediation may be, for some the experience of being led on a journey inward by Deepak Chopra can be rather intimidating.

Particularly for younger people, the ritual of meditation is quite serious and therefore not exactly open to all. A great collaboration however (that we spotted in the latest issue of the Trendwatching newsletter) may just offer an entertaining solution.

To address this issue to make mediation more of a family affair, Disney have collaborated with Calm - a leading mental wellness app - to create mediations led by some of the more well-known Disney princess characters.

  • Rapunzel shares the story of the new observatory she wished for in Starry-Eyed Quest
  • Moana recalls the wisdom of her ancestors and saves Fonu in a storm in The Ocean Guardians
  • Tiana from The Princess and the Frog shares the memory of her father and finds a special way to honor him on his birthday in Daddy’s Front Porch

The new series also offers younger ones a series of soundscapes to explore too; they have been created to help kids soothe the nervous system and find focus.

Mental health aids and therapies tend to be more marketed at older people who are understandably struggling with the hard rigours of modern life. There is however a massive need for solutions to be suitably packaged for younger audiences who are also being challenged by the uncertainties of life.

This collaboration with Disney is a great example of services that successful promote self-care for kids; something that schools and governments should perhaps also take a bit more seriously.

Disney and Calm Are Teaming Up for Mindfulness - WDW Magazine
A new collaboration between Disney and Calm allows you to practice meditations, enjoy soundscapes, and hear stories from Disney Princesses.