Make Bud Light Great Again

Will Donald Trumps endorsement of Bud Light send the brand back to the #1 spot in the US?

Imagine getting a brand endorsement from an ex-US President.

That's what beleaguered beer brand Bud Light recently got from Donald Trump, who took to his Truth Social account to call for an end to the 'boycott' of Bud Light after the 'Dylan Mulvaney backlash' that happened last year.

Too many news articles and speculation has been given to this whole saga if we are really honest about it. In truth it is almost impossible to prove that Bud Light's 'brand misstep' was the actual cause of its recent diminished sales numbers in the USA.

Beer sales in general have been declining in the US for years; last year Americans drank the least amount of beer that they have done for more than 25 years. The popularity of beer as a consumer category is declining, which has nothing to do with Dylan Mulvaney. Younger drinkers are drinking less and when they do drink, they're choosing options other than old beer brands.

Will the Trump endorsement change this? It's very doubtful. The trends here are much bigger than the Trump ego.

But there is still a light beer market in the US - Bud Light is in a very real fight with Modelo Especial, a Mexican beer brand distributed by Constellation Brands, for the top spot and Anheuser-Busch InBev are not just relying in the influence of an old US President in their aspiration to be #1.

Dylan Mulvaney didn't destroy Bud Light and Donald Trump will not magically bring it back again. What's happening here is that the market demand has / is changing and Constellation Brands are simply using better marketing strategies to capture a bigger share of the category. It's better then to look at what Constellation are doing right rather than what Anheuser-Busch InBev are doing wrong.