Lululemon swap old leggings for new

Turning 'dupe culture' to their advantage.

'Dupe culture' - (dupe meaning 'duplicate') is a the Gen Z term for knock-off clothing.

Finding dupes (cheaper products that look and feel almost like the real thing) and sharing your scores is very big on TikTok. It's a trend that brands have largely ignored up till now.

Turning the trend in its favour however, Lululemon have decided to host a 'dupe swap'. The brand are inviting customers to swap their cheap dupes for a genuine pair of Lululemon Align leggings (worth nearly $100) for free.

“We’re well aware of the rise of ‘dupe culture’ on social media and beyond, but we believe that our Align leggings can never truly be replicated — there is no comparison between a Lululemon product and a dupe,” says Lululemon chief product officer, Sun Choe. - via Vogue Business

Everyone is trying to get a better understanding of the Gen Z mindset and how to court them as new customers. A lot of money is being spent on techniques that for the most part are not really yielding the ROI that was hoped for.

Lululemon are taking a different kind of stab at it - embracing the culture, building a relationship and standing by the quality of their product.

It's certainly a very effective way of creating a ton of PR buzz around the brand.


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