Jameson x Dickies collaborate

Crafted together - a collaboration celebrating the joy of making things.

There are a lot of interesting approaches that brands are using to try and appeal to younger people these days.

Looking to acquire a Gen Z customer, Jameson Irish whiskey has taken the chance to collaborate with Dickies - the workwear brand - in a campaign that is pitched as crafters joining forces with creators.

There is a limited-edition Jameson x Dickies bottle to buy as well as a collection of gear and clothing befitting a sophisticated, creator-class.

What's great about these collaboration campaigns is that they inject the brand collaboration into interests that the target audience are already attracted to. The work adds new value to an already vibrant social activity.

In addition to the gear being available to buy online, the brands also hosted pop-up events in NYC and London in June to invite influencers and fans to sample and experience the campaign for themselves.

Jameson collaborates with Dickies - The Spirits Business
Pernod Ricard-owned Jameson Irish Whiskey has teamed up with workwear brand Dickies to launch the Crafted Together campaign.
Dickies x Jameson | Dickies
Dickies x Jameson celebrates the generations of blue-collar workers that have made us a part of their lives. Shop the collection today!
Jameson x Dickies LookBook - Jameson Whiskey
Highly crafted pieces. Created to perfection. Perfect for a hards days graft. Or a post days laugh. Functioning as workwear. And streetwear. Or whatever you wish.