In Paris, running too fast is against the law

Well-defined brands can spot these kinds of opportunities easily.

Last year, a law was passed in the city of Paris that outlawed the act of travelling faster than 30km/h.

French running retailer, Distance, spotted this as a good opportunity and decided to challenge the new law by getting some of the world's fastest track and field athletes to break that speed limit in front of various speed cameras in the city - creating some iconic imagery in the process.

The speed camera pictures were then used as a gritty ad campaign for the store.

It's easy to decide on and action these kinds of real-time campaigns when you are sure about your brand and who your customers are.

“This new law got everyone talking in Paris,” says Guillaume Pontier, co-founder of Distance. “We thought it was the perfect opportunity to showcase our store and our vision of running. We believe in a running that is urban, doesn’t obey old traditions and uses modern codes.”
The campaign captured the attention of the media, and the public, with Distance then setting up its own speed camera in front of its store during the Paris Half-Marathon in September last year, encouraging more runners to test their speed during the event.


French brand Distance dares runners to break Paris speed limit in ads
Photos from actual speed cameras record the runners as they break Paris’ new 30km speed limit now in place across the city