Research indicates that during these pandemic lockdowns singletons are behaving far less selfishly and are displaying acts of empathy to strangers that they meet via popular dating apps. Which is quite unlike the predominate behaviour of swipey-swipey before the whole thing went belly-up.

There's no doubt that the ruthless judgement and immediate execution of unsuitable suitors will return once lockdowns end, but under conditions of limited choice - it's remarkable as to how nice people actually become.

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In other pandemic related developments - now that we know how unproductive office environments actually are (because let's face it. we're all working a hellava lot harder and longer at home than we ever did at the office), what will become of the traditional office? And what will become of the office landlords that have so much of their wealth locked up in now fairly silly looking big buildings?

Turns out - getting work done was never really the true intention of an office, but let's not get too over hasty to chisel nice words of the tombstone of the office just yet.

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What category of investment should anybody with cash - yes, that one guy over there - be considering for the future?

Oil? No you silly minx definitely NOT oil.

Rather research has shown an unbelievable return on investment from entities and project focused on solving problems related to climate change as well as stocks related to environmental, social and governance  themes - even through the mad volatility of the markets during the coronavirus spook.

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