How not to do a Super Bowl ad

There were hits and misses in this year's line up of Super Bowl ads. This is one of the bad ones.

Salomon (the mountain running brand) flighted an ad in this year's Super Bowl that.. quite frankly... was Super Kak.

Costing over $21million in media to flight - this was a colossal waste of money. If you want a good example of how not to waste a great brand building opportunity, then this is the one to study.

It lacks a coherent thread of story progression, the blatant reinforcement of credible brand assets throughout the production to capture just a sliver of the elusive brand salience is totally absent. There is a lack of emotional triggering and nothing really for the viewers brain to latch onto and go "ahhhhhhhh yes...give some more of that please."

There is so much more that the could have done with this opportunity. What a shame.