Gaming goes retro

80's gaming culture making a strong comeback?

When I was a kid, I used to dream that as an adult, I'd have my own, full-on arcade game in the entrance foyer of my house; and if I'm completely honest with myself...and you of course...I was not a very good gamer at all, so this dream is really rooted in a misguided sense of excellence.  (In fact, I used to just really enjoy watching other kids play rather than wasting the 20 cents myself - because I would end up dying pretty quickly.)

Yes sir! That was the symbol of adulthood for 10-year old me.

My very own Scrambler game to play whenever I so wished.

Now a company by the name of Arcade1Up are making that long-forgotten dream a reality by marketing a dedicated arcade cabinet for the home market.

And another player in this market, Neo Geo, have also announced that they will be bringing all of that cheesy 80's arcade gaming cabinet goodness to home users that are frankly a little tired of playing such intellectually challenging video games.

I can literally smell the Peter Stuyvesant cigarette burning the plastic covering above the main firing button as I type this — so exciting.  

Truth be told - I believe a very large part of South African online retailer Yuppiechef's success lies in a serious goal to buy a foosball table if certain early financial goals were achieved (ask Andrew Smith and Shane Dryden about this story - I'm sure they'll be happy to share) early on in its existence. So the power of physical arcade style gaming machines is strong...even in high-tech companies.