Funky Pants - the small South African sports apparel brand building a cult following around the world

Born out of necessity in 2003, Durban surfski brand, Funky Pants, is now taking on the big boys in sports clothing.

Operating out of Durban and manufactured in South Africa, Funky Pants is a sports apparel brand that is growing in popularity both in South Africa and abroad.

Self-funded and built slowly in partnership with some fanatical sporting communities over the last 17 years, the husband and wife team that own the company have achieved remarkable success through their dedicated and focused efforts.

I chatted to co-founder of the business, Billy Harker, about how just he did it; and how they have used the pandemic lockdown to redefine their business for future success.

Episode #18 of the podcast.

Funky Pants are huge believers of email as an impactful promotional tool; below is a link to the Shopify free email marketing course that Billy spoke very favourably about in the episode.

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The email marketing course from Shopify that Billy talks about in the episode.

Enjoy the episode!

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