Fear and anxiety

The new definition of great leadership during challenging times.

It's no surprise that overwhelmingly, people everywhere, are feeling intensely fearful and anxious.

Fear and anxiety are a given - they are the current reality and will most likely be the norm for the foreseeable future.

And as the world continues to collectively struggle against what sometimes feels like insurmountable, critical challenges - things are only going to get worse.

This isn't news.

What is strange however is just how overlooked and underplayed this condition is by leaders who are apparently in-charge.

People who are struggling with fear and anxiety do not behave or rationalise information and change the same that people who are calm and optimistic do.

Because of this, what they need in response from leaders is clarity, transparency, empathy, honesty and practical coping mechanisms to deal with uncertainty.

As world 'leaders' gather in Davos, Switzerland this week for the World Economic Forum's annual 'event', perhaps they can bare this simple truth in mind as they try to determine our collective fate.

If they are more attuned to the current mental conditions under which most people are surviving, they'll have a better chance of us all taking their thinking seriously, and not just automatically assuming that their lavish pow-wow is simply a waste of everyone's time.

In 2023 - understand that everything that gets proposed, designed, made and presented by so-called leadership needs to be done through the understanding that those for which it is intended are in a vicious mental war.

Take it slow, be overly-open and clear and try as best as you can to sincerely help those that you care about battle their demons.

True support and guidance is in short supply - if you can, be that pillar of strength for others that are struggling.