Designing your personal 2024 strategy

How will you make the end of this year better than the end of last year?

As suggested by the great Steven Covey - it is essential to start any project, day, journey or year 'by first imagining what its ideal conclusion should look like'.

At the very beginning of 2024, what does your ideal upcoming year look and feel like to you?

Make 2024 the year of outperformance

Jon Cherry is a strategic growth facilitator who works with organisations to build brands and ventures that deliver outperformance.

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What intentions and aspirations do you have for this year?

If like us, your 2024 aspirations are critically-hinged on your personal choice of where to apply your focus; then deciding where and how to spend your limited time this year will be a critical one to achieving what is intended.

Where you spend your productive time is the difference between a year that moves dramatically forward in a particular direction or one which just passes by without much progress.

How you spend your time is what results in you either moving towards realising your aspiration; or frustratingly just hoping that it'll be achieved at some other time.

All of these decisions require making tough choices. Consciously selecting to spend your time doing a few high-impact activities and rejecting everything else.

Some things that you did last year will need to stop.

Doing aimless tasks or time spent doing things of low impact will need to be either reassigned to somebody else or eliminated altogether.

But first - begin with the end in mind.

Transport your mind into the mid-December 2024.

You've had a great year! What happened this year? Describe it in detail.

Once you have a clear mental picture of what success looks like, work backwards from there to understand what key steps led you to that place. Where your valuable time was spent and how it was assigned,