Competition surrounds us

Winners win because they recognise that they are in a competition.

We are constantly in a state of competition.

A business competes against others for marketshare; for the loyalty of customers.

It competes for talented employees, it competes for favourable terms from suppliers.

A business is in a battle even with things that are simply perceived to be credible substitutes in the minds of lost customers (even if they really aren't).

The battles are against adversaries over which there is no control and all are affected by changes in the environment that may be seen, or unseen, but that can radically alter the playing field for everyone.

This ever shifting, always changing landscape is where success and failure are always an option, depending on how you play the game.

Winners tend to play with foresight; with a shrewd sense of timing and an instinctive ability to use their strengths against the weaknesses of opponents.

Winners win because they love competitions and are hungry to show their mettle in the face of a challenge.

The first step in getting better at the game is acknowledging that you are actually playing in one.

Once you are aware that you are in a competition, then you can start putting together an approach as to how you are going to win.

That's what strategy is and is exactly how it should be used.

Not many know that they are competing in multiple games, which is why they struggle to win at any of them.