Checkers Hyper goes onto the Sixty60 platform

Not even Amazon can do what Shoprite / Checkers just pulled off.

While Takealot have been keeping their eyes firmly on Amazon's debut into the South African market, Shoprite / Checkers have been cooking a cunning plan to put their Sixty60 offering into hyperdrive with the inclusion of 10 000 new products from Checkers Hyper stores onto the platform.

In a casual statement from Neil Schreuder, Chief of Strategy and Innovation for the Shoprite Group, says:

We’re confident that the next iteration of Sixty60 will again disrupt online retail in South Africa. Our precision delivery promise means no more waiting at home all day for your general merchandise order to arrive. Customers can now choose the 60-minute time slot in which they’d like their Hyper delivery to arrive, with the same to-the-minute driver tracking they’ve become accustomed to on their grocery orders.”

Lawn mowers, TVs, pool chlorine...all in a 60-minute time slot? Not even Amazon can do that. WTF!

What's clear here is that Shoprite / Checkers are not just in this to make up number in their niche, supermarket category - they're going for the win on a much bigger playfield. The race is now on between Amazon and Sixty60. And the Boys from Bellville are just looking a little hungrier for the prize than the Slayers from Seattle.

Hulle weet nic wat ons weet nie.