A brand for the select few

How you view success in your life, and your company, is ultimately up to you.

Not all small brands want to be big brands.

Not every business needs 'to scale' to be successful. (In many ways the very concept of 'scale' above all else is starting to make us feel particularly nauseous.)

Some brands ,and the businesses behind them, have no ambition to rule the world, all they want is to be of service to the people that find them personally meaningful.

District Vision is a small athletic products company that (according to their marketing material) is focused on researching, designing and making products for athletes that practise mindfulness.

Their customers are never going to win an Olympic medal, they're not on Strava, they don't give a damn about competing against others. Their customers run and exercise for the sheer joy of movement.

How they recruit new members to the brand is extremely pleasing.

In our over-stressed, over-processed modern world, not everyone has an ambition to be the next Serena Williams. Some run and get outdoors just to get away and be more of themselves.

The metrics for business success has largely been hijacked by a group of psychopaths based in Silicone Valley. Being labeled a 'unicorn' with a $1 billion valuation is not for everyone. Having millions of subscribers is not the be-all-and-end-all for every company.

How you view success in your life, and your company, is ultimately up to you.

For District Vision it's all about attracting the right audience; one that buys into their particular, niche philosophy of wellness.


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