Bourdain - the behind-the-scenes film

Available somewhere towards the end of the year.

If, like me, you travelled to Singapore for the sole reason of eating steamed chicken with rice as suggested by Anthony Bourdain - then you are most probably going to not want to miss this upcoming biopic of the chef behind-the-scenes called Roadrunner.

Anthony Bourdain was an unknown cook working in downtown NYC kitchens before he managed to channel his real talent and become the best TV chef / traveller ever to have been given a show.

He had this amazing ability to somehow reach out through the TV screen and literally invite you over, into the place that he was exploring on the show.

If there were to be a brand archetype called 'Being yourself' - this guy would be it. Honest, real, raw, funny, clever, creative, compelling - now there's a set of brand values to emulate.

Bourdain represents a kind of confidence in just being true to yourself now matter what other people think of you that's really rare these days. The world is addicted to a cookie-cutter image of what shit should be like - this guy had never heard of such nonsense.

Available somewhere towards the end of the year.