Better marketing as a strategy

Kill the competition by purposefully making them look boring and out of touch.

Not purposefully wanting to make a big scene, but particularly in the South African market - the quality (of late) of the marketing work that brands put out shockingly poor.

What is going on?

What has happened to all of the gifted marketers that this country once had?

There seems to be a distinct lack of energy and creativity and any form of risk-taking in the local market.

I know that we in particular go on and on about this all the time, but it's astounding to us just how mundane things really are.

Of course what this means - in a world of marketing blandness - is that those brands that do spot the opportunity to dominate their category by doing better quality marketing than their competitors - will unlock a significant advantage.  

It's really not that difficult - kill the competition by purposefully making them look boring.

It feels a bit like if you are a marketer with talent, influence and a budget to set fire to the landscape - now is the time to blaze some pioneering trails.

Step 1 - find and recruit a unicorn (in other words a skilled marketer).

Actually no - sorry, Step 1 is to first 'see and acknowledge the opportunity that great marketing will create'...then go unicorn hunting.