Artificially creative

A new era is here.

Ad Age reports that an increasing number of well-known brands are turning to artificial intelligence to produce creative assets for public advertising campaigns.

Martini are the latest to do so - Agency AMV BBDO used the AI tool Midjourney to create this work, which 'aims to visualise the tasting notes, ingredients, processes and flavors that come together in a bottle of Martini.'

'Paul Trillo, a director who has directed commercials for brands including T-Mobile, Nokia, Carvana and Microsoft, and also directs music videos for artists such as Bas and The Shins, has started experimenting with Dall-E 2 since he gained access to the platform in June. He has posted multiple videos on Instagram, showing how to create special effects with these tools that have garnered thousands of views. One video includes a woman’s outfit changing 100 times.' - via

These are exciting times in which we live.

Technology has developed to such a level that now these tools are able to create images and copy that are good enough to be used in commercial advertising work.

What this change means is that the cost of creative assets reduces significantly and access to them gets far easier. This has to be a good thing for marketing folk and brand builders.

Far from it replacing good human beings currently dominating the role, these technologies will surely augment human creativity in a symbiotic relationship which will vastly enhance the canvas on which imagination can play out.  

Even if not part of your core function - it's well worth spending some time on these new AI platforms that are popping up to experiment with what they can and cannot do.

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