Apple's greatest ad

What makes Apple's The Greatest so great?

It's an ad that has been given numerous accolades by the ad industry, but beautiful crafting aside Apple's The Greatest ad is a masterclass in promotional excellence.

In summary The Greatest” is a short film demonstrating how people are using the life-changing accessibility features that are built in across Apple products and services.

Instead of listing the features that come standard with Apple products - the ad skilfully just shows people getting on with their lives while being significantly aided in doing so by the superior technology offered by Apple.

As a brand, Apple are extremely good selling you product by putting you in the centre of their promotional messaging. Ironically, it's not about Apple - it's all about your experience of a better reality in partnership with Apple.

The hero is the user, the device just the sidekick.

Apple's The Greatest is great because of the clever way in which it positions the balance of the relationship between product value, brand and user.

The message is simple, clear and believable.