ANTA Sports opens a 'zero carbon' store

ANTAZERO is not just a store but a community hub for sustainability

Instead of betting the whole farm on a zero-carbon promise that they might not be able to deliver on, sportswear brand ANTA have chosen instead to open one 'zero carbon' store in Shanghai to showcase zero-carbon prototyped products as and when they are successfully developed.

Founded in 1994 in China, ANTA is the world's largest sports equipment company by revenue and third-largest manufacturer of sporting goods overall - after Nike and Adidas.

Spanning 450 square meters, ANTAZERO is not just a store but a community hub for sustainability. It offers a unique blend of retail space, art installations and sustainability-focused workshop and literature. 

Retailers often say all the right things when it comes to sustainability, but struggle to then implement those ideas at scale. The ANTA approach is perhaps a better example of how sustainability can be explored and publicly showcased, while not risking the entire company on a green agenda.


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