2023 is going to be a great year?

Future-fit organisations have never had it better.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”
Warren Buffett

Right now - people are fearful.

Since the end of the covid-19 pandemic is seems as if change has become weaponised.

After a bruising couple of years of 'survival'; and now, the ominous spectre of inflation rearing its ugly head - a lot of business leaders are saying things like "it's time to get back to basics" and other equally defeatist slogans that ignore the opportunities that this time of great change brings.

Heightened levels of worry, concern and anxiety should be ringing a very loud bell for forward-orientated organisations.

Times of great uncertainty and change are actually the perfect environments in which to be aggressive and to think (and act) boldly about the future.

Each year, we compile a comprehensive presentation for our clients, which is the platform on which we are able to effectively facilitate good discussions on what the strategic approach should be for an organisation.

We have a careful look at change that is happening in the world in multiple dimensions and use this as an effective template to further understand what opportunities and risks this change may bring about.

By proactively assessing and projecting change into the future, organisations can take advantage of the competitive edge that this kind of strategic thinking gives them.

While everyone else is letting fear and other negative emotion cloud their judgments, trying to grab wildly at the short-term - the strategic organisation is scanning widely, thinking big picture and analysing how the long-term plays out.


For many, 2023 looks like yet another challenging trading year, but for some - 2023 is going to be a wonderful year to gain a profitable strategic advantage on their competitors amidst all of this doom and gloom.

2023 will be the year of spotting the gaps, the weaknesses, the eyes-off-the-ball instances that will be fertile ground for investments that will return significant value over the long-term.

Don't get sucked into the 'going back to basics'-mindset and hoping that everything will blow over in time - rather see this time for what it is, the opportunity you have been waiting for to make a big move.

...and beyond?

The future, increasingly, belongs to those who are willing and able to learn, unlearn and relearn...repeatedly.

The structurally agile and flexible will quickly spot strategic opportunity and profit from it - those that struggle with stagnation and inertia will struggle to evolve fast enough and are at risk of disconnecting from relevance as a result.

Strategy design?

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