I specialise in helping I clients design and implement strategies that create impact & growth.

My method makes use of a combination of futures research, systems thinking, scenario planning and change management.

As an example of the kinds of projects I get involved in:

  1. Help executive teams create proper vision, mission and values statements that help drive the entire strategic architecture of the business.
  2. Train teams in understanding and using systems thinking which is a vital skillset for innovative thinking.
  3. Build comprehensive long-term strategic plans for organisations looking to vastly improve their future prospects.
  4. Design brand and marketing strategies for clients and coach operational teams through the process of strategy implementation.
  5. Research key trends and early signals of change that provides vital context for business strategy which is future-focused.
  6. Benchmark businesses as to how future-fit they are and offer suggestions as to how they can improve.

If this sounds useful to you - please get in touch with us for a chat about a keynote presentation booking, your strategy, futures or systems thinking training or for an assessment as to how future-fit your organisation is.

How future-fit are you?
Would like to have your organisation’s future-fitness assessed?
The Cherryflava Monthly Strategic Futures Briefing
Introducing the Cherryflava Monthly Strategic Futures Briefing - presented by professional futurist and editor of Cherryflava, Jonathan Cherry.
Facilitated Scenario Planning Workshops
One of the best tools for managing uncertainty is scenario planning.
The Cherryflava Strategic THINK TANK
Harvest the invaluable perspectives and wisdom of individuals that have successfully innovated before.
[Training workshop] Systems thinking for management teams
Systems thinking is one of the most powerful and practical tools in the innovator’s toolbox.
Strategy implementation
Turning strategic plans into strategic results.