'Over the years I have developed workshops to be highly-practical and experiential so that attendees leave ready to apply proven tools and techniques to their own practice of innovation.'

From business and marketing strategy workshops, to assisting teams and organisational leadership design and co-ordinate operational action plans - I've worked with the C-suite of international organisations; as well a wide array of technology start-ups, to unlock futures thinking and commercial value for organisations

Developing futures-thinking capabilities through organisational training programs

Developing widespread capabilities for futures thinking and better long-term strategic decision making throughout an organisation is vital in today's rapidly changing world.

From practical training workshops in scenario planning, systems thinking and design thinking - my training workshops are designed to facilitate collaborative learning on existing problems and opportunities; equipping participants with futures knowledge to apply to real business issues.

With a masters degree in futures studies [MPhil Futures Studies] from Stellenbosch University and over 15 years of experience, I have the academic know-how, as well as the practical experience to get the very best thinking and practical application out of people and maximise the operational potentiality of your organisation.

Here are the details of the in-house, facilitated training workshops & seminars that are available for booking:

[Training workshop] Design thinking for teams
One of the most useful skills needed by people and organisations wanting to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
[Training workshop] Systems thinking for management teams
Systems thinking is one of the most powerful and practical tools in the innovator’s toolbox.
Scenario planning for the futures of your organisation
Remote, online strategic scenario planning workshop facilitated by a qualified futurist.
How to write the perfect vision and mission statement
A well-defined vision and mission statement is a powerful strategic tool for any organisation.
How to define your company values
Company values are key characteristics of organisations which guide how that business conducts itself.
How to define your brand and position your company’s unique value
This full-day session takes teams through a unique process which is a synthesis of the views of some of the world’s leading brand experts on how to clearly define a brand.
The complete process of defining your entire strategic stack
Comprehensively defining your business strategy is a thorough process that requires expert facilitation.
Leveraging the balanced scorecard for teams
The balanced scorecard is a key operational framework for taking strategy and operationalising thinking into practical action steps for business success.
Radical organisational redesign for disruption
The ‘radical organisational redesign’ seminar is a guided process of organisational redesign that offers you the mental space to prototype a more relevant and preferred future for your business.

For more information, pricing, availability and booking a seminar for your company or team - please get into contact with Jonathan here.