Insightful, thought-provoking, future-focused keynote presentations for your company conference or strategy gathering.

Where do the strategic growth opportunities lie for South African businesses who have a five-year time horizon into the future?
What possible 'wildcard' risks should your organisation be taking note of and carefully assessing?
What changes, happening in the world right now, could have a dramatic effect on the financial sustainability of your business in the years to come - and most importantly, what can and should you do about it right now?

These are are just some of the the important questions that all organisational leadership should be thinking about, and gathering as much diverse perspective on, as part of their crucial strategic planning initiatives.

This is not simply about marvelling at the headline-grabbing, technological artefacts of change, but really about getting a far better sense of the deep, underlying structural forces of change that are coursing through the veins of our global society and how they might unfold into the future.

Over the past 14 years, Jonathan Cherry has offered his wildly opinionated perspectives on emerging global consumer trends and practical innovation strategies as keynote presentations, to a wide variety of corporate audiences.

Now as a qualified futurist, he not only offers audiences commentary on the most notable global, regional and deep-seated forces of change, but also practical tools as to how to apply this information in the strategic planning process.

'Simply having evidence of the first signs of disruptive change is not enough, what is useful is understanding how you might, or might not, use that insight to your advantage.'  - Jonathan Cherry

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Examples of the topics of previous presentations include:

Keynote presentations:

Come as you are - 8 key trends and a deeper understanding of Gen X - the forgotten generation
Jonathan Cherry has a closer look at ‘the latchkey generation’; where they come from, what worldviews and perspectives drive them, what they value and what the future might hold with them at the steering wheel.
Consumer trends 2020
What are prevailing consumer trends and patterns that are emerging as a result of larger forces of change that are affecting the global landscape?
Global Trends 2020
This presentation identifies and explores the major global factors within multiple dimensions that will have an effect on the annual prospects of companies.
How to innovate in a bureaucracy
‘How to innovate in a bureaucracy’ is a 45-minute personal reflection on the successes and failures of his work over the past 15 years with numerous well-known brands.
The Top 5 Tech Trends of 2020 and the likely implications they will have for your business
In this presentation I share the Top 5 Technology Trends that will have a growing impact on all businesses in 2020
How to leverage the power of uncertainty
This 45-minute presentation offers 10 steps on how to explore uncertainty and then go about actioning the key area of advantage that you have identified.

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