In 1997, Netflix was founded in California.

With just 30 employees, the company was the world's first online DVD rental store and mailed movies through the post to subscribers.

Twenty years later, Netflix has revenue of over US$20 billion annually and is regarded as one of the world Top 10 brands.

How did Netflix (and other companies like it):

  1. Unlocked new growth - thanks to new products, new markets, new business models?
  2. Repositioned the old business - to innovate and respond successfully to changes in the marketplace?
  3. Improved their financial sustainability - finding new revenue after quickly hitting the top of their growth curve?

In this 1-hour long presentation, Jonathan Cherry takes a closer look at 'companies that have successfully reinvented themselves' and how they actually did it.

There are lessons here for all businesses that are looking for inspiration of ways in which to grow and unlock new sales.  

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