Facilitated Scenario Planning Workshops

Facilitated Scenario Planning Workshops

One of the best tools for managing uncertainty is scenario planning.

When facing uncertainty in the future one of the best ways to explore your options is through a structured process of scenario planning.

The future of obviously not predictable and in many cases, attempting to offer a prediction of one future can be very risky, because it leaves you vulnerable to surprise when your expected future reality does not materialise.

Scenario planning takes you into the possible, probable and preferable futures that are available. They describe a world that is yet to come and may also be used to explore a possible future which is unimaginable and surprising.  

Proper scenario planning is an exercise in exploration of the unknown - that ultimately offers concrete options as a result, but also a broadened mental capacity for greater resilience and agility.

The value of scenario planning

Scenario planning - done in combination with good environmental scanning - offers management a clear understanding of how long-term change and sudden trend-breaks can impact an organisation.

This process improves long-term organisational decision-making as well augmenting foresight capabilities of leadership, for better capacity and capital resource allocation.

Hosted by Jonathan Cherry

The facilitated scenario planning workshop is hosted by Jonathan Cherry - a professional futurist with an MPhil in Futures Studies [Cum Laude] from the University of Stellenbosch Business School and an active member of the Association of Professional Futurists [APF].

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